What is New in the Android OS

Every computer comes with an operating system and these days, so do mobile devices called Smartphones. The Android operating system, popularly referred to as OS is designed specially for small devices like Smartphones and tablets. In 2005, the word Android started to dance on people’s lips when Google announced that they had bought the then unpopular company and were making the operating system open and free for everyone to use. This was how Android got on the map of operating systems.


The new operating system was developed based on an adapted version of a Linux Kernel. Linux at the time of this development was an open alternative to the Windows operating system. The basic function of an operating system is to provide an interface between the software and hardware components of a device.  With the Android operating system, there are functions such as the ability to process necessary commands to different components of the phone, making the phone functional and ready to use.


The Android OS is a software that makes true the statement “Dynamite comes in small packages”. With the use of a database called SQLite, it makes it possible to store and recover data for different applications a user installs. It is able to accommodate different media types including WebM, H.263, H.264, PNG, GIF, BMP. MPEG, MP3, MIDI, WAV and JPEG. It is also able to handle all the latest connectivity technologies such as as GSM, IDEN, CDMA, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and WiMax.


The vastness of the Android OS’ ability makes it so much easier for software developers to develop applications that are compatible with it. At this point, the Android has literally overtaken all the other Smartphones including the iPhone and Blackberry. Many people find themselves gravitating towards the Android devices.


One might wonder why this is so. It is simple. The free operating system makes Android devices such that many applications are developed, making it easier to customize the device to the personal likes of its owner. The freedom the Android system allows has also encouraged trusted brand names like Samsung and Sony Ericsson to develop devices using this operating system as the platform, don’t forget other big brands such as LG and the very popular HTC


Most of the applications like WhatsApp developed for Android devices are often free or cheaper when compared with applications that offer exactly the same function on the iPhone or Blackberry Smartphones. It is therefore no surprise at all that there is a surge in demand for Android devices.

The New Android Jelly Bean Operating system

Android is the new word on many people’s lips. Everyone is getting crazed over the new Android devices. The company Android was not popular until it was acquired by Google a few years ago and was offered to many Smartphone and tablet manufacturing companies as an open platform they could use to develop their products without paying royalties. On many occasions, the Android operating system has been compared to many others including Apple’s popular iOS and Blackberry’s QNX and most votes have been in favour of Android.

Jelly Bean Android 4.1 ReviewBeing an open platform, the android operating system gives app developers the liberty to create new apps and launch them into the market where the consumers of the app can provide reviews. The Apple iOS is so tight-locked that it is difficult to break into and most of the apps on the operating system have to be reviewed and deemed fit by their review department. Android and iOS have been going head to head for the last 2 years. Third party applications like WhatsApp Messenger works on both the Android OS and the iOS operating system for iPhone’s. Other than that there are ways to get WhatsApp Mesenger owkring on other iOS devices. here is how you can get WhatsApp Messenger on a Apple MAC or and iPad here, lastly on a iPod. Then WhatsApp for Android is most used by PC users to run WhatsApp Messenger on Computers. here is the website for WhatsApp on PC. Of course, there is the risk of having rogue apps launched onto your device if your device is based on the Android operating system and sometimes these rogue apps can give the wrong people sensitive information about you. Google of course has this in check and there is a system that gets rid of a rogue app as soon as it gets on to your device, cleaning it up of any danger.

Now, this operating system is about to get even better with the release of the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system and you can be sure that all the manufacturers whose devices are based on the Android operating system are already standing in queue and thinking of the next best device to release with this operating system. At the moment, Samsung is trying to make the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update available for its Samsung SIII Smartphone, an upgrade from its Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream sandwich operating system.

The Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is the fastest and at the moment the best version of the Android operating system. The system features an amazing new experience for users and it is hard not to fall in love with it. It makes everything faster with fluid graphics and speed that makes switching from one app to another completely effortless. The new Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is definitely alluring and is what we can describe as intelligent. As soon as you touch the screen of your device, it makes everything very reactive and responsive that you can’t help but admire the speed. At the same time, it turns down your screen when you are not using your device, saving your battery life.

We all know that another reason the Android Operating system is so loved is because of the fact that it gives you the liberty to customize your device to your liking, make it more personal to fit your personality. With the new 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system, it is a lot easier to customize your home screen with widgets. The system automatically moves the widgets to make room for any new additions, and in cases where the widgets are too big, they are automatically resized.

Best of all, this new system makes voice typing a joy so you can type simply by dictating to your device. You might find this useful if you have a lot to type and your fingers tire out easily.

This new version of the Android operating system is definitely lovable and we can barely wait to see the devices that will be released in the nearest future based on this system.

Useful Apps on the Android OS

The craze about the Android operating system keeps going on and on. Unlike other operating systems that are on lock-down, especially Apple’s operating system, Google has made the Android operating system an open platform that enables many app developers to develop apps for android devices, making it so much fun to own an android device. The operating system enables you to customize your device to suit your personality. There is a lot more than just WhatsApp messenger for Anfroid. Lets look at a few other apps that makes your android device mo much better.

There are tens of novel apps launched for android devices everyday and listed below are some of the latest apps you might find useful for your device.

  • Rediff News app: Rediff is a company based in Mumbai, India. The Rediff news app is an app that is aimed at delivering important news updates to you. It is an app that focuses mainly on news in India and with all the events happening, you will agree with me that it is important to stay on top of information as much as you can.  The app is available for download from Google play by visiting the link rediff.com/newsapp.
  • Diabeto: When I first came across this app, I did not know what to think. Its usefulness however cannot be overstated. It is no mystery that one of the leading causes of death around the world is high blood sugar and even though many of us try to stay away from sweet foods, we cannot run away from other foods that elevate blood sugar. Diabeto is an android app that monitors blood sugar levels and analyzes gluco-meter readings. The app sort of uses Bluetooth technology to determine your blood sugar levels. If you ask me, it is a great way to stay on top of things health-wise.
  • Instagram: Instagram is not exactly the most recent app on the market but it is definitely worth mentioning. This app allows you to share your life through pictures with friends that follow you. It also links you to other popular social networks like facebook and twitter. It is a fun app and definitely one you will not regret having.
  • Easy battery saver: This app does exactly what its name depicts. It helps to save power on your phone battery. This app achieves its purpose by dealing with your phone’s network connectivity, screen brightness as well as the time out period. There are different modes for you to choose and they include 1.) the normal mode that basically leaves your phone with its original settings with no alterations, 2.) the General power saving mode simply saves power on your network connection. The intelligent and Super power saving modes also save power by intelligently altering the settings of other power-consuming widgets on your device. Best thing about this app is the fact that you can customize what you would like to alter in order to save your battery power.
  • Tiny flashlight + LED: This is a useful free app that will come in handy in times of an emergency. The recent android devices don’t come equipped with flashlights like the simple phones we were used to having years ago. This app works by using your camera LED as a torch. Cool yes? Now you can be sure not to bump into objects or lose your way in the dark, should the electricity suddenly go out.

There are many more useful apps on the Android OS like WhatsApp Messenger and it is difficult to rate one better than the other as they use your device to play different roles that will make your life a lot easier.

Android-powered desktop revealed

It seems everyone is beginning to ignore desktops and have been engulfed by all the tablets and laptops hitting the market. With Windows 8 on the market, computer-manufacturing companies are running around trying to manufacture laptops that can be compatible with the touch interface of the new Microsoft operating system. Hewett Packard, popularly known as HP, has revealed that it is planning to release three new laptops into the commercial market as well as upgrade the designs of some of their ranges.

There is no doubt that we often find ourselves spoilt for choice with the many choices available on the market with laptops and it is no news that all the manufacturing companies are focusing on outsmarting one another. The fact is if this is a true Android Operating System then WhatsApp for Android Will work on this dektop with no problems. if you have a windows 7 PC and want whatsapp messenger on your personal computer go here. There is a full guide on getting whatsapp on your PC. There are so many Smartphones on the market at this point that just when you are giving yourself a pat on the back for getting a powerful Smartphone, someone comes along and informs you about a Smartphone that can do a thousand and one things yours can’t.  It is very exhausting I know but with so many novel technologies, it is hard to say the competition will stop anytime soon.

At the moment, many companies are not exactly making a mark with desktops; As a matter of fact, it is safe to say these companies seem to have forgotten that desktops are a necessary need in the commercial world. Well, who would have thought Motorola had something big coming? The company, which is popular for cell phone manufacturing and not exactly computers, has revealed a new secret; an android-powered desktop computer.

According to statements revealed, Motorola has signed a contract with a cable and telecommunications service Provider Company called Wasu digital to release an android-powered desktop computer on to the market. Wasu digital, according to statements will produce cloud services for this new device.

The specifications of the device, which at the moment is being called the HMC3260 are a bit sketchy at the moment. It is said that the screen display will be 8.5 inches and will be a touch screen device (It is a really small screen for a desktop in my opinion but I suppose the smaller the better is the tagline of our new technological innovations).  The computer will have a 2.3.4 android operating system and will offer internet access via broadband via EuroDOSIS. At the moment, it is being dubbed as the Cloud Broadband device. The RAM for this device will be 1GB and it will be fully equipped with a 4GB NAND flash memory as well as a Cortex A8 1GHz processor.

The collaboration with Wasu will definitely do Motorola a lot of good and definitely increase the profit margin of the company. This is because many Wasu customers will be encouraged to purchase this new computer as it will enable them to access a lot of cloud entertainment services such as games, apps as well as an expansion of storage space.

Officials from Motorola have made it clear that this beautiful device will provide consumers with an amazingly speedy broadband connection coupled with games, High definition television services, web browsing amongst many others.

The touch screen feature of this device will also make it stand out against many of the ‘dull and boring’ desktops out there. Nothing has been revealed about the release of this Android device but we can speculate for end of the year 2012 or sometime early in 2013. There is doubt that with this device, Motorola will definitely get their groove back.

The Business end of Android

The introduction of Blackberry phones into the communication market was a major improvement on Personal digital assistants (PDAs). Blackberry phones, on their introduction, were grabbed by almost every worker in the business world. It was the trusted personal assistant that could help with an organized schedule and even help people stay in touch with their social lives as they worked,


What makes the Blackberry phone even more appealing besides the fact that it syncs e-mails and automatically retrieves the new emails, helping busy workers stay in touch with everything without having to get to a computer, is the fact that the Blackberry is cheaper to use than other Smartphones. Blackberry had a massive ende with BBM as an Instant messenger, but since applications like Whatsapp for Android (Read more on this topic following this link),. Blackberry has lost a lot of their edge. With a simple data plan through a Blackberry Internet Service Subscription (BIS), one can enjoy all the benefits of this Smartphone and not have to worry about any extra expenses.


The breakthrough of the Android however has us questioning if the Blackberry is the best Smartphone there is. Not only can Android Smartphones do everything the Blackberry can do, they even offer more. The Android offers more style, more variety and so much functions and features, it is difficult to simply overlook it.  The Android even  offers so many email applications that you as the user can decide on how you want your phone to handle your emails.


What’s more? The Android, owned by Google has moved with the trends and now has cloud-based information storage facility that enables an android user to simply access information from anywhere. Losing a Smartphone could be detrimental personally and also in business. Imagine all the sensitive information stored on a Smartphone lost? But with google at the forefront, Android phones often come integrated with google applications such as gmail, gtalk, google maps and so on. Losing information is impossible as everything you need is synced on your PC automatically. Therefore, the cost of losing such a Smartphone is limited solely to the cost of the device. No emotional trauma or anxiety over information getting into the wrong hands. Isn’t that great?


The beauty of using an android in business is endless. It is more of a mobile office, putting everything you need for the smooth running of your business exactly at your fingertips, just a click away. It is so easy to work with, enabling you to even make changes to documents and presentations at the last minute or while you are on the go. Even more appealing is the integrated GPS on an Android phone. These days, so many people especially in the business world have to meet with clients and often have to drive to locations they have never been. For these people, a satellite navigator is important… Not anymore. With the integrated GPS on the Android, it is easy to get to anywhere.


The Android is the perfect and ideal substitute for a laptop, a PDA and in addition, serves as a SAT NAV. It is the best all-in-one device, perfect for business.

More Security Issues for WhatsApp Android

Everyone is using WhatsApp these days, but more and more we are seeing them in the spotlight for the wrong reasons. Recently hitting a record 10billion messages a day the company on face value looks sound. but just a week earlier WhatsApp for android was quickly removed off the Google Play Store for security issues. WhatsApp inc did manage to fix that and within a week or so WhatsApp Messenger was back. Now new security news has emerged.

It wasn’t long ago in May 2012 in fact there was a security hole found in whatsapp messenger. This was quickly fixed. The question is if this security issue does effect you. We say you need to read on.

We learnt from Sam Grager (from Hacker News) that WhatsApp is using a phone number and a modified version of your phones IMEI number. This information makes WhatsApp a prime target for scammers and hackers. the IMEI number is a number that identifies each phone around the world.

Sam also later on said that the iPhone, Windows Mobile and Blackberry does not seem to share the same flaw. If this is a huge risk then WhatsApp for Android will be removed once again.

Sam also mentioned that it wasn’t very difficult even for his “limited skills” to obtained account info and send messages on accounts that does not belong to him. This must surely be a worry for WhatsApp inc.

Just a week or two ago there was Facebook apps going around portraying they are from WhatsApp inc, these people again were able to steal phone numbers. Hijack threads and mass spam Facebook accounts. This is by no fault of WhatsApp inc. But the value in this lies that they are now so popular that they have a huge target on their backs.

We hope that some of these people discovering these issues will help a lending hand, this way keeping the service free and saving us as users masses amounts of money. So the answer is if theis does effect you, the answer is yes. Though very unlikely you have a WhatsApp hacker in your street. But if these clever hackers find out how to mass steal information from WhatsApp. Then you are in trouble, We all are.


10 Cool Android Apps Besides WhatsApp

With so many Android applications hitting the market every day, choosing just ten applications is a difficult task. We all are using WhatsApp Messenger on Android Phones. but what other apps do we have. There are a few apps I have. However, these are ten apps I believe no one can live without as they are just absolutely amazing.


Google maps with satellite navigation: There is no over-stating it. This Android app is simply the best. It gives the android owner everything a Sat Nav can offer and eliminates the need for an extra device to find your way around. Everything you need is on your mobile phone, readily at your fingertips.

StreetView on Google Maps: In addition to google maps this is just  the best addon ever!. Now we have all seen them freaky google glasses. Now you can see how the building looks like where you are going to. Just cool if you are looking for a bar or restaurant. best travel companion aswell. Point to the picture and ask for directions.

GMail: I really dont know anyone without a GMail account these days. With this neat app its way better than some people think. With the Android sync feature you can now use GMail on your Samsung Galaxy and on your galaxy Tab. So you have one app for two devices. Some of you will know what a hassly POP 3 and mail can be on multiple devices.

Sanity: This wonderful android app not only filters your calls, it also announces the caller via audio so you know who is calling before you look at the screen. It can also record calls, giving the user an opportunity to replay phone calls and deduce necessary information should the need arise.


Norton Security:  Just like your laptop computer needs protection from viruses and malware, your android phone also needs protection. Norton serves as a firewall protecting your phone from un-trusted software and rogue applications.


aDownloader: This amazing application is an easy to use download app that is crash-free unlike many download apps on other operating systems. It enables you to download more than one app at the same time. In addition, it is able to pause and resume downloads and doesn’t have any file-size limits.


Viber: Now this is one app that is totally lovable. Some like WhatsApp Messenger this is anopther great messaging and call application. Relying on wifi connectivity, viber makes it easy for android users to connect by offering free calls and free text messaging on the application. You are therefore able to speak to your loved ones no matter where they are and send free text messages.


Auto Memory Manager: Every now and then, a computer needs a performance boost which is often achieved by managing the device memory. The Auto Memory manager is an app that provides detailed memory information and allows you to set memory priority on your apps.


Amazon Kindle: Satisfy your love for e-books from Amazon kindle without buying a kindle notebook. With your android, you can get Amazon kindle on your mobile phone and have a wonderful library at your fingertips. Why buy two devices if you can use one for both.


Well thats the 10 Cool Android apps we like other than the usual WhatsApp Messenger. We know there are billions of apps, it is pretty difficult to mention them all.

Android Security Down the Hole

Smartphones are smart, yes! But so are rogue app developers who are able to develop rogue apps and access sensitive information on your device, be it your cell phone or tablet. It is not news to anyone that fraudsters often hack into accounts and steal information they can use to cause further harm.

With Android being the most popular operating system and millions of apps being developed. You are right about being concerned about the security of Android based devices. We refer back to a mention we had here. Where Google suspended WhatsApp Messenger from the google play store. This tells us there is nothing to worry about. Or is there. Check out this post by CellPhoneBOB.com on WhatsApp Messenger and your fafourite android OS

Malware don’t just cause harm to your device, some of them leave room or rather make room for other forms of software that are used to snoop around your device for sensitive device to install themselves on your phone.


I am sure you will agree with me that Smartphones are so close to computers and the greatest fear of any computer owner is having a virus that can possibly erase the hard disk or un-install useful programs on your laptop.


With the Android operating system being an open platform, so many app developers are able to take advantage of the system, making it even more dangerous than the other operating systems like iOS and QNX. Owing to this, Google has taken so many deterrent security steps during the development of the Android OS. In 2011, Google released a security update known as a ‘kill switch’ that basically prevented rogue apps from getting on to Android devices.


Besides, updates sent out from google, there are other ways to secure your Android device. One very simple way is to lock your phone’s password to prevent all low level malware.

  • To do this just open up the Settings -> Location & Security Settings ->
  • Select the password of your choice,
  • Make sure this is preferably a mixture of lower case letters, upper case letters, numbers and symbols.
  • Next, set a low Timeout option with Settings -> Display -> Set a value (preferably less than a minute)
  • Your phone automatically locks itself if you don’t use it for that time period.


Another way to protect your phone is the use of the ‘Permissions’ feature after you have downloaded an app. With the use of this feature, you can set restrictions on what operations an app is allowed to perform on your device. This is available also on the QNX system for blackberry devices.


One sure additional protection for your device is the use of third party security such as Norton security systems for Android devices. Norton is a popular security system for computers and is now available for Android devices, helping to keep away malware and rogue apps that can bring harm to your device and to you.

NASA Sending Android to Space?

By now everyone will know or have heard about Android. So now the big question is: Is Android moving up, well ill leave that decision up to you. A story that is making waves in the market is that NASA has decided to release a powered Android Smart phone nanosatellite.


They are planning on launching up to three of them later this year. They will be relying on engineers from the Ames Research Centre in their Bay Area’s Moffett Field. The team of engineers will be a small team. Each prototype will have an decreased cost because they will have off the shelf hardware installed on them.


NASA is planning on developing the cheapest and lightest satellites to be launched and to fly in to space. A nanosatellite is a cube shaped mini satellite they are less that four pounds in weight and are about four inches in size. NASA had said online that these new “Out-of-the-box smart phones already offer a wealth of capabilities needed for satellite systems, including fast processors, versatile operating systems, multiple miniature sensors, high-resolution cameras, GPS receivers, and several radios”. NASA already have built two nanosatellites.


They are operated by mobile phones, which will also  provide operating system’s as well as the communications capabilities that are needed. Two PhoneSat 1.0 and one PhoneSat 2.0 will be launched with the Orbital Sciences Corp Antares Rocket”. It is set to launch later this year from Wallops Island,VA. The PhoneSat 1.0 is created to stay alive in space will run off of HTC and a Samsung Nexus 1 phone. It will be able to take photos of Earth as well as send them back along with Health Information of the Earth. At this point we are pretty sure they won’t be sending WhatsApp for Android to Space. We can’t think of a reason to text message a nanosatilite. The PhoneSat 2.0 will come with a lot more features and capabilities. It will run off a Samsung Nexus S smart phone and will also have a two-way S-Band radio which will be able to be controlled from Earth. It will also be equipped with Solar Panels which will help extend the mission duration and will also have a GPS receiver.


The development of the nanosatellites is a small part of the Space Agency and the Small Spacecraft Technology Program. Their aim is to support the development of new technologies as well as to improve the capabilities of small space crafts which weigh less than 220 pounds. NASA has been working on this program since 2010. The PhoneSat has been put through balloon tests as well as other high-altitude tests. Even Google employee’s have helped with the image compression algorithm tests and serial data ports tests. In time the PhoneSat nanosatellites will eventually be able to provide research on the Sun, low-Earth Orbit observations and debris tracking.


Not only has Android now become the brains behind NASA’s nanosatellites, android is now making waves in music apps as well. Cricket wireless has now released a ‘Muve Music’ plan which will be available to all Android phones as of September the second. It will allow you to download music into a monthly package which will also include texting, talking, as well as web browsing. The plan has been in production since January 2011. The new plan offers three plans ranging from $50 – $70 per plan. Each plan either provides 1GB, 2.5GB or 5GB of data access. If you decide to purchase the most expensive data plan you will also be able to have:

  • Unlimited Voice Minutes
  • Messaging
  • As well as music uses


What Muve Music has now given Cricket also makes it different than others on the market. Muve Musics activities don’t account against the clients data buckets. Approximately 60% of Crickets newer clients are using smart phones and the majority of that percentage are using an android hand set. By the end of the year 2012 Cricket is planning on offering more than ten million music tracks, they also plan to release another nine Muve Music Smart Phones. This will mean that there will be fourteen Muve Music Phones available.


So Android is fast moving in the operating system market as well as the smart phone market. If you are a music lover the Muve Music smart phone will be perfect for you and your love of music. If you are more of a technology boffin or geek then the fact that NASA is using Android as the brains it may give you the inspiration to experiment and create more.


If you have an Android smart phone you can now use  Looxcie video streaming straight to your smart phone. You don’t need to use the Looxcie Bluetooth Video Camera Device to have video streaming on your phone. This is great. It also provides you with 480p resolution video streaming as well as up to fifteen frames every second. The new app works with AAC LC audio and you are also able to accept as well as play calls even if you are busy streaming. Your video will halt the streaming until you are ready to continue browsing. The mobile app as well as the new Facebook app now also allows you to browse public live channels through the Community Channels. You are also able to now connect with your friends in either channel. The video quality will also depend on your phone’s internet connections. You are also able to use the Push to Talk function anywhere, anytime. Whatsapp Messenger seems small an insignificant compared to all the new offerings by android. But if NASA would ever send an instant messenger to space it might was well be WhatsApp


Android is slowly becoming increasingly popular and is slowly taking the technology world by storm. If Android is good enough for NASA, isn’t it good enough for you?

Why I got an Android Phone

Android phones have been around for a while and since their introduction into the market, they have been hailed every now and then as the best smartphones. In 2005, Google bought Android Inc. and since then opened up the operating system allowing people to use it without any form of payment.


This of course is what makes the Android separate from other smartphones. As amazing as apple products are, they are limited. Every application on an apple product is owned by the company, giving Apple complete control of the product even after you have paid fully for it. Blackberry on the other hand is controlled by Research in Motion and every application is only considered suitable after being reviewed by some guy in a review department.


Owing to the freedom Android offers, application developers are fast gravitating towards it. At the moment, there are so many applications available on Android devices that can be bought. Most of these applications give the user the ability to customize and replace some of the traditional applications on the Android, making the phone suitable to one’s liking and not stuck to what someone in an office thousands of miles away set as suitable. In addition, many of the applications that have to be paid for on other smartphones are often found to be free on Androids, though they are in different versions. Whichever way, the applications serve the exact same purpose as the ones paid for on other phones. This difference between the Android and other smartphones is making these devices a fast favorite in the market.


The Android is not just a Smartphone; it is a REALLY smart phone. With its ability to sync information from applications such as Google mail, Google talk, etc, with the phone, it makes the use of an Android an effortless joy. The loss of your Android doesn’t mean the loss of all your important information as it has been created to be smart enough to store all the information on Google’s cloud services.


Another amazing quality of the Android is the foolproof security system designed by Google. With so many rogue applications created by fraudsters who try to access personal information on people’s cell phones, the fear of falling victim is inevitable. In recent weeks ( 15 August 2012 ) WhatsApp Messenger was pulled off Google Play store due to security concerns. This was resolved and WhatsApp also then braught out a new version of whatsapp messenger for android based phones. You can read about the new download here. Google offers protection for Android users with its amazing kill switch that gets rid of rogue applications before they can cause any harm.


One last reason to consider an Android is the offer of variety. As we all know, variety is the spice of life. As beautiful and sleek as the iPhone is, it comes in the same old boring design, just with different, more improved graphics and qualities. It doesn’t, in any way give freedom of expression to the user. With the Android’s free operating system, major cell phone brands are beginning to create their own Android-based Smartphones. So if you happen to be in love with Samsung products or Sony Ericsson (among many others), you now have a choice to own an Android device with the brand name you love and respect.